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Romeo & Juliet Program

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click here for a pdf version: R & J Program



Juliet                             Kat Webb

Romeo                           Jordan Nichole’s

Mercutio                       Noelle Houston

Benvolio                         Archelaus Cristiano

Friar Lawrence               Alisa Anglesey

Nurse                            Lynne D. Bronson

Tybalt                           Brian Kocherhans

Paris                             Tyler Fox

Lord Capulet                   Joel Applegate

Lady Capulet                  Kaitlin Lemon

Lord Montague              James Daniel Neil

Lady Montague              Ashley Ottesen


Apothecary/Abraham     Angelina DaSilva

Chorus/Friar John/Servant          Stacy Wilk

Prince                            Riley Workman

Gregory                         Aubree Lyman

Sampson                        Lee Liston


DIRECTOR                      Ben Hopkin

STAGE MANAGER          Lindsey Palmer


COSTUME DESIGN/Props     Sarah Re

ARTISTIC DIRECTOR/Producer      Kathy Curtiss

PHOTO/video/SET           Ian-Josef Benhardt Biesinger

WEBSITE                       Rychard Curtiss


SPECIAL THANKS to Archelaus Cristiano, Alisa Anglesey, Aaron &Jennifer Thornton,

Zach Biesinger, Joy Grynko, & Five Towns College in New York for the weaponry


Humanities events “SHAKESPEARE:  OUR CONTEMPORARY” 7:15 pm

Participatory events gather on the lawn or Amphitheatre

July 22 & Aug 1:  BEN HOPKIN, BYU/UVU “Now is the Mad Blood Stirring”

Addressing Social factions & Violence in our time

July 23:  Dr. BRUCE YOUNG, BYU “Shakespeare’s Inclusion and Atonement”

Addressing redemption of the individual through community

July 29: Dr Kathy Curtiss, “Shakespeare and Identity” community art project/sonnet share

July 30:  Dr. Kathy Curtiss, FTC, “Gender roles & Generation in Shakespeare”

August 4:  SARAH RE, HOFSTRA, “Shakespeare:  the measure of the man, by the garments he hath on”

August 5:  Dr. TIM SLOVER, UNIVERSITY OF UTAH, “Shakespeare’s Invention of Word & Language”

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